Sunny Leone has adopted a girl child of 21 weeks old before two months. This girl child is from Latoor located in Maharashtra. Her name is Nisha given by Sunny Leone. There is shocking news revealed related to her daughter. The girl she has adopted was rejected by 11 families earlier. The main reason for her rejection is her dark complexion.

 Recently CEO of Child Adoption Resources Agency(CRA), Lt. Karnal Deepak Kumar has revealed this.

He said that most of the families are excited about the child’s color complexion and his/her medical history and these are the reasons when they are rejected or accepted.

This is the reason when Nisha was rejected by 11 families but Sunny and her husband Daniel do not make any interest in the reasons.

Sunny does not care about her color and the medical history. She accepted her without any of expectations related to her color.

Sunny got her daughter after 9 months of the process-

According to Deepak Kumar, “ Sunny has waited for her chance in a queue as like other families do”.

We respect her that she has completed all the formalities without breaking any rules.

Sunny has online applied for the adoption of the child on the portal of CARA on 30th September 2016. After her appliance, it took around 9 months i.e, 21st June 2017 to get information about that girl child and she adopted her.