Religion is something our country is really obsessed with but most of the people don’t know anything about it. It’s a personal matter of one's belief and should remain that way. Nobody from any religion has the right to preach a lesson to others on how to follow their belief.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a very auspicious and joyful festival for many, especially our Bollywood stars. Like every year this year too, our actor fraternity is celebrating the festival with great cheer and happiness and they have shared their joyful pictures on the social media platforms. As soon as the photos started flowing in Trollers began to do what they are best at TROLLING!

One such incident happened with “Style” actor Sahil Khan who posted his picture of Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. A guy questioned his Muslim ethics as he was celebrating and worshipping Ganesha idol. According to him Sahil is a Muslim and should not worship idols as it is against Islam.

But Sahil was in no mood to ignore such senseless thoughts and made it very clear to the so called religious policing. He posted a screenshot of the guy’s message and wrote, “I am an Indian first, then a born Muslim. Learn to respect the country and its people first or you can go to other Muslim countries and try your luck. Don’t play these games with me with your hate and negativities and don’t follow me on social media if you don’t like me. I don’t need to people like you, go and respect your motherland first and then your religion and read your religious book it will say the same.”

Sahil’s followers really appreciated his secular thinking and lauded him for teaching a lesson to the so called religious preacher.