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Sachin a Billion Dreams Movie Review: Meet the Real Sachin Tendulkar and You Would Erupt in ‘Sachin, Sachin’ Again

By: Postbull - Last Upadte July 4, 2018


Thirty minutes into Sachin: A Billion Dreams, you start wondering why on earth are you watching this film in a theatre. This film is such a treat for the fans of Sachin Tendulkar and cricket that it needs to be watched while relaxing in a sports lounge of a medium. It is laced with great storytelling, amazing real time footage, a sneak peek into Sachin Tendulkar’s life. In fact, it has all the right ingredients to make the sports docu-drama grand.

The first time Sachin hits a shot in the film is a glorious glorious moment, it is paired with AR Rahman’s anthem, and if you are not a Sachin fan, this will convert you into one. This is not a movie, you won’t enjoy your popcorn and samosa while watching it. It is a docu-drama and it will bring all your emotions together — you will cry, you will fly, and you will catch yourself cheering “Sachin Sachin” and wiping tears of happiness off your face.

You get glimpses into Sachin’s world, the world that was personal for him all his life. The sneak peek into Sachin’s cricket kit is a gateway to his soul, you feel so much closer to this man, who is simple, and still the biggest cricketing legend India has ever had.

It is to the credit of director that he manages to weave political scenarios of the country with Sachin’s craft and manages to underline what the cricketer offered to the country — positivity. No wonder the audience in the theatre was whistling and cheering for Sachin, just how the country cheered for him after every time he made a century.

The city, Mumbai, comes alive every time Sachin gets nostalgic about his family and his game. But not just that you will be able to feast your eyes on many exotic locations that are now the part of Sachin’s life. If that’s not all, you will be surprised how the biggest names in the world of cricket come together to celebrate Tendulkar, and Bappi Lahiri has an important part to play in this, watch it to know it!

Nasser Hussain is heard saying, “When Tendulkar is quiet the nation is quiet,” and that truly depicts the difficult times Indian cricket has seen. But Sachin rises up as a phoenix and makes all the trials and tribulations worthwhile.

You will never know who is the actual hero in this film, is it the Little Master Sachin, or is it Anjali, who builds up his man. If you have always wondered how our team reacted to big wins and greatest losses, you will know now. The footage that is shown in this film will change your perspective about how a team functions, and why we celebrate our cricket team so much!

Sachin’s story as told in this docu-drama is just as it is in real life — it is made up of hard work and perseverance. Sachin’s life within 22 yards, in 24 years, is truly wonderfully presented in this movie, Sachin: A Billion Dream.

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