Have you ever experienced rats chewing?

What if they munch away your money? This is what happened in the northeast state, Assam. Rats sneaked into the ATM machine through a small gap and ate notes of 2000 and 500. You’ll be astonished to hear that they chewed up almost 10,51,500 Rupees.  The police in Tinsukia district said that the issue was detected by bank official when someone complained that machined isn’t dispensing cash.

The district police superintendent, Mugdhajyoti Dev Mahanta, drew the same conclusion that when last week the bank official came to ATM and he found a dead rat with the shredded piece of currency. Further, he added that they have inquired about the case with all angles and thus have to conclude that the rats broke into the ATM machine from a small opening for wire and chewed away almost 1.2 million approximately. Now Indian government needs to find a solution for new troublemakers in the country.