Samsung, LG and Sony top brands in India, TATA only Indian company to be in top 5:
In the recently concluded survey by TRA Research for Brand Trust, Samsung has emerged as the top leader with LG and Sony to follow. India’s Tata group has come fourth and is the only Indian brand in top five. South Korean giant Samsung electronics & Samsung Mobile topped the list and rightly so with such a great market occupancy of Samsung mobile and Samsung electronics in the technology field. Samsung which came in third in the last survey pipped Sony and LG to take the lead. The chairman of TRA Research N Chandramouli stated that Tata is fourth in its list of  Brand trust value and climbed 3 steps from 7th last year. N Chandramouli also stated that may Indian brands like Patanjali which came 12th and was placed 87th last year made a huge jump in Brand trust value. Patanjali played on the made in India card very well and have an attachment to the Indian values, according to the TRA Research chief N Chandramouli.
The TRA Research Survey:
According to N Chandramouli, the TRA Research survey was conducted on 2300 people mostly professionals and working-class people between the age group of 21-45. Samsung Mobile and Samsung Electronics stay attractive to its stakeholder because of its pricing and brand value, according to N Chandramouli. People in this era can’t live without a cell phone and a laptop, so it is not really surprising that tech giants like Samsung, LG and Sony are topping the list. On the other hand, Patanjali has a great increase in its Brand Value in the recent times which is clearly reflected in the ranking. Patanjali stands at a firm 12 from 87th position. Apart from Tata, there are two other Indian brands namely Godrej and Bajaj which are in top 10 in the Brand Trust value.