On the road of relationship, there are many bouncy tracks and only the rare one don't eat bumps. People often develop issues in relationships and the main reason is the lack of communication that shifts things in the wrong way. If you are dealing with a rough patch in your relationship, then try to learn to deal with issues, moving past arguments work towards solutions.

Some Major Concepts That Can Lead To Issues In Your Relation Are Listed As :

Poor Communication

Major flaws in relationships occur due to poor communication. You cannot have proper communication with your love if you are busy scrolling your mobile or more interested in surfing through your t.v channels.

Solution - Put your cell phones aside, get the kids to bed if any and confront each other politely.

Sit down and have a nice conversation without pitching your voice to the highest level. Try not to interrupt while your partner is speaking. Give your partner a call on his/her lunch break to tell that you miss him/her.

Loud Embarrassing Arguments

If you get into a serious fight with your partner, the probability counts that either of you will yell at each other creating more fuss. Often these loud arguments turn into ugly fights and you end up hurting your partner. If you cannot avoid problems try to minimize them.

Solution - If you can't control yelling at each other, try to talk in a public place eg in a park or library where you could have a more meaningful conversation with each other.

Trust issues

There are often trust issues involved in a relationship which ultimately leads to fights and separation among couples. If there are trust issues happening between you and your partner it means you believe in certain things that your partner doesn't.

Solution - Do not lie to your partner and always be sensitive towards each other's feelings. Respect your partner's boundaries, be a good listener and do not overreact if things go wrong.

Money Problems

Money issues can lead to great distress in a relationship. Money problems arise from the wedding bells of a relation to the divorce in courtship. A couple who are suffering from money woes should have a serious conversation over finances.

Solution - If things have gone south, then being unrealistic and continuing the same lifestyle can be a matter of concern. In such conditions, be honest about your financial conditions and construct a joint budget for savings. Do not blame each other and acknowledge the fact that one person can be a spender while other a saver.

Sex Problems

Even couples who love each other can be an ill-match sexually. Sex problems if not discussed can completely ruin your love life and make your relationship a nightmare. Lack of education and awareness can worsen your problems.

Solution - If you are having any such problem, discuss it with your partner and try to find a remedy for the cause. Consult a nice sex therapist to help you both resolve your conflicts. Plan an intimate evening with candles and spice up the aroma of your love.