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Kiki Challenge Violates The Traffic Rules, Police To Take Strict Action Against The Driver

People all around the world have gone insane behind the Kiki, In my Feelings challenge. You might be wondering “What’s Kiki Challenge?” In this, one has to slow down the moving car and leap out of it while the car keeps moving. Then the one has to dance on the starting lines of the song and come back to the seat.

The song is of famous rapper Drake.

The challenge has gone so viral that Police of all over the world has made strict rules and charges for the one who found doing the same. The trend was started by Instagrammer Shiggy but he stated that challenge is not about dancing with a moving car.

The challenge has landed up many people in serious problem. Its highly risky and violates the traffic rules.

The challenge is followed by #KikiChallenge #KIKIDOYOULOVEME #InMyFeeling #DoTheShiggy

In Florida, one man was hit by an oncoming car while performing the challenge. Jayleen Norwood stated that he had jump over the car but slipped due to the wet spot.

Mumbai Police took their twitter handle to make people aware of the havoc “Not just a risk for you but your act can put the lives of others at risk too. Desist from public nuisance or face the music! #DanceYourWayToSafety #InMySafetyFeelingsChallenge

Delhi police said it more cleverly, “ Dance on the floors, not on the roads! #KikiChallenge is not worth the fun.#InMyFeelings Keep #Delhi roads safe for all.”

UP Police made a hilarious and serious remark at the same time, “Dear Parents, whether Kiki loves your child or not, we are sure you do! So please stand by your kids in all the challenges in life except #kikichallenge. #KiKiHardlyAChallenge #InMyFeelingsChallenge #UPPolice”

In Dubai, three social media influencers were arrested for following the challenge. Even in Abu Dhabi, the one who follows the KIKI Challenge can land into Jail.

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