india will have ‘tilting trains’ soon.

India Will Have ‘Tilting Trains’ Soon.

India will develop the ‘Tilting Trains’ with the help and support of Switzerland. These are the trains which will tilt on the turns like the bikes tilt on the turns of a road. Related to this, Memorandum of Understanding is signed today. These types of trains are running in Italy, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Britain, Switzerland, China, Germany, Rome, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Speciality of the train is that it is a speedy train which will take less time to reach the destination points. The passengers will not feel any of the jerks as it will remove the excess chances of acceleration. The actions in scope are often divided into four groups: tilt management, speed restrictions, reduced tilt and track style pure mathematics. Actions from the four teams will and will be combined for best result.



An officer had told that the train will tilt left on the left turns and same with the opposite directions. This will make the passengers comfortable.

Railway Ministry of India and Swiss Confederation(Switzerland) had signed two memoranda of Understanding. The first MoU was for technical assistance in the railway sector between the Ministry of Railways and the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, and Communication of the Swiss Confederation. This memorandum is signed in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji.

This is the settlement had decided in the meeting of Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and the Ambassador of Switzerland. The meeting held on July 2016.

The main motive of this agreement is to support the fields like Traction Propulsion Equipment, Traction rolling stock, EMU & Train Set, Goods and passenger cars, Tilting Trains, Railway Electrification devices.

The second settlement is taken between Konkan Railway Corporation Limited(KRCL) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(ETH). This will help to get the knowledge for making tunnels and for its description, it will support the establishment of the George Fernandes Institute of Tunnel Technology (GFITT) in Goa.


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