Buy Bitcoin - In this internet and technology world, people are experiencing many changes in their life. Technology has changed our lives. Buying, selling, booking a movie ticket or a hotel just one click away, for all these things you need money. Many of you are using digital payment method for the transaction and that amount is automatically deducted from your bank account.

Bitcoin is a digital or virtual cryptocurrency, created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. It is an electronic cash payment system that is completely decentralized with no server or central authority. In bitcoin peer to peer transaction between sender and receiver without any interface like a bank. With Bitcoin, you can buy goods or services using this currency as you would with dollars or euros, as long as the seller accepts bitcoins.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are simple, fast payment and very cheap form of currency (very minimal charges on the transaction). This is a major advantage, particularly for small business. Bitcoins are the secure payment method. It is 100% owned by you, meaning no one can “freeze your account” or access your bitcoins. Each transaction is only subject to two pieces of data: a public key, and a private one. Anyone can see the public key (your bitcoin address) but your private key is secret. When you send a bitcoin, you ‘sign’ the transaction by combining your public and private keys together and applying a mathematical function to them. This creates a certificate that proves the transaction came from you.

How to buy Bitcoin

Select a good Bitcoin Wallet -

This is the first and most important step to purchase bitcoin. A wallet is basically an application where all your bitcoins and information is kept. Bitcoin wallets are offered by a number of online sites, often with apps for Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Mycellium, Coinbase, Blockchain, Zebpay are some of the examples of popular bitcoin wallet all over the world. Always choose those wallet providers that allow two-step authentication. Always use a strong password, and if possible look for the ability to back up your wallet offline.

Link your Bank Account -

Next step after creating wallet is linked your bank account details to the bitcoin wallet. It is the same as setting a PayPal account or any other digital payment method. You will need at least your bank account number, the routing number for the account, and your full name. All Bitcoin services provider follow the high standards for security and encryption.

Buy Bitcoin with money from your Bank Account -

After filling all the necessary information of your bank account, it's been verified by the Bitcoin service. After that, you can start purchasing bitcoin and adding it to your wallet. Go to your wallet page, Click on the option "Buy Bitcoin" or something similar — clicking this should take you through a straightforward transaction process that uses money from your bank account to purchase BTC. Bitcoin rate is clearly mentioned in term of dollar, euros etc. Price of Bitcoin can change from day to day like the stock market.

Retailers who accept Bitcoins -

In recent years, the demand for bitcoins is increasing tremendously and many numbers of businesses have begun to accept BTC as a valid form of payment. Though these businesses still represent a minority, some major names have already made the transition. Here is the name of some online vendors that accept bitcoin.

  • Amazon
  • Wordpress
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Subway
    In some of the countries, bitcoins are illegal as a digital transaction and still, there is time to accept its existence. Bitcoin is a fast digital payment method and will gain lots of popularity in the near future.