HP Printers in today’s world has become a very common peripheral device at home and offices alike. These printers help people to print out their important files, documents in hard copy format. With innovation in technology and increasing number of manufacturers, the prices of these devices have come down considerably making it affordable and accessible to more number of people. These printers have become an essential household item but some complications are bound to occur over the course of use. Printers are a combination of different hardware components along with a software program to manage that hardware, making it a complex machine. Due to its complexity, the non-tech people find it difficult to troubleshoot even the simplest problem. In this article, I will address one such issue, how to connect your HP printer to wifi. Follow the instructions in the next section to set up your Hp printer with your wifi.

Hp Printer Configuration and Setup With WiFi:

Here, I will discuss in detail on how to connect your HP printer with wifi. The process is fairly easy and can be performed without the need of technicians. So follow the given set of instructions carefully:

Step 1: Take out your HP printer from the box and connect it to a constant AC power source.

Step 2: Now install the ink cartridges in its position by following the manual. All you need to do is open the top compartment set in place via one or two latches. Insert the ink cartridges in the cartridge box present.

Step 3: Now, in order to connect your HP printer to your wireless router, you must have certain information at hand like your network SSID and Password. Now go to your printer’s control panel and select the Network menu from the given option.

Step 4: Once on the Network menu, select wireless network, and your printer will display all the nearby network name. Select your network name from the given options.

Step 5: In case you cannot see your network name in the given options, you can manually enter the name but you must remember it must be exact in every detail including the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Step 6: Once the network has been detected, click on it and you will be asked to enter the password of your network. Enter the password here. Your printer will get connected to your network.

This is how easy and simple it is to set up or connect your HP printer to your wifi. Hopefully, these steps helped you in getting your HP printer online.

Keep Your HP Printer Clean and Updated:

As I discussed in the first part, printers are complicated machine comprising of various hardware and software components. So in order to ensure the longevity of your printer and a hassle-free experience, make sure to clean its detachable hardware components like printhead, paper-tray, ink cartridges etc from time to time. Also, make sure to update its driver and firmware regularly as well. These simple steps will ensure that your printer has a longer life and you have lesser issues with your printer.