For $179.00 you can have total voice control for your house, home, Internet, song selection, sports scores, schedules and so much more. 7 microphones will hear you anywhere and the built-in speakers give you superior sound quality. That's what the Amazon Alexa Echo Blue Tooth Voice Control Unit is all about.

 A Virtual Secretary for your Home

 As long as you have Wi-Fi Internet, Alexa will be there for your every electronic need. Tell Alexa to play music on your favorite channel, tell it to order a pizza, tell it to turn off the lights, ask Alex for the latest headlines, find out your commute time, or have Alexa let you sleep for a few more minutes in the morning.

Alexa programs itself, syncs with your smartphone, recognizes your voice, automatically searches for updates and acts as a virtual secretary for all of your electronic needs.

You will need interactive apps like WeMo, SmartThings, Insteon and others for Alexa to be fully functional. Alexa is also dependent on the Internet to carry out its orders, so if Internet reception is spotty in your area, or if you only have low speed capability, Alexa may not be the best choice.

Voice Control Heaven

If you like total control of your surroundings just by using your voice, Alexa is the way to go. Better still, for someone who is disabled, Alexa could be a Godsend. Alexa is true voice control heaven and it's the best virtual secretary around.