Carry and access your data - In this modern day and age, where privacy has become the hottest topic of debate, the majority of the population are concerned. The ugly truth of privacy breaches, data manipulation, and security on the internet has shaken everyone. Now it has been established that major social media and online platforms have manipulated your personal data and sold it to anyone who threw money at them. It has become utmost necessary to make sure all your data is safe and sound. You should make sure that you can access your data anytime from anywhere. In this blog, I will focus on various methods you can opt for so that you can carry all your data anywhere with ease. Accessing your data today is not a very difficult task. With advances in technology, even your smartphones come with up to 500GB of space. But as the rate of storage has increased, so has the content. The modern-day content includes High-definition videos with up to 240 frames/ second. These quality data take up a lot of storage space too. Let see what are different methods and technology that can be used to carry your personal data anywhere with ease.

How to Carry and access your data with ease?

With the invention of new technologies in nanotechnology, we can afford to fit about 1 TB of data in a flash drive. That is how advanced the technology has become. Can you imagine how insane that might sound 10 years ago when 100MB flash drives were in the craze? Let us see what are various similar technologies available to carry and access all your data:

  1. Use of Modern External Hard-drives

    As we were discussing, the modern day technology allows you to carry terabytes of data with the help of your hard drives. These hard drives are capable of carrying data physically up to 10s of terabytes. These modern-day marvels are compact machines which can easily fit into your pocket. So going out on a vacation or holiday with your family and DSLR will not be an issue. You can click loads of photos and videos in high definition without running out of space. These hard drives use magnetic inking to carve your content and accommodate it in that compact space.

  2. Server Based hard drives

    Your computer might provide you with 500GB to 1TB of space, but you know that is not enough, especially if you are a movie or video junkie, who likes to collect content in High-Definition. These hard-drives can be attached to your CPU unit and then connected to the server to keep your data quickly accessible at all times. The security with these machines are of top quality too, so privacy won’t be a concern. Youtubers like MKBHD, iJUstine, who create their content in High-Definition with very high-end camera equipment, really need these kinds of storage. They generally opt for Linux based 120TB drives.

  3. Cloud Storage

    Cloud Storage came into existence in the last decade, and have become a popular storage source for not only common people but even large companies. The cloud computing is very similar to the server based hard drives but on a grander scale. Large data companies create big servers with trillions of GB of space. These servers store the data of their clients in encrypted mode. Thus, it is also considered to be one of the safest types of storage. It generally works in a very organized manner. One can buy the storage data from few GB to 100s of a terabyte of space. A common man, as well as a very big company with huge data requirements, can make use of these services. These servers are located in isolated safe locations for security purposes.

  4. Personal Computer, Mobile

    Modern day computer units, laptops, and even mobile phones come with ample storage option that you may need any external storage source. If you are a normal user or even a gamer, you can opt for laptops and PCs specifically made for the purpose. With, manufacturers providing up to 500GB of storage data on your smartphones, you can save all your necessary documents, files on your phone itself. With Email service providers giving its user a free data space of up to 15 GB, accessing your personal data will never be easier. Make sure whenever you save your data online, they are encrypted. Encryption helps you keep your data safe and secure from any hackers.

  5. Software tools

    You can also make use of certain software tools to get access to your personal computer and data saved on your PC. Since these data are not saved on cloud or online, these software tools come in very handy. These tools generally, need your permission to access, which if you agree upon gives you access to your personal computer from anywhere around the world. But, always make sure you use authentic software tools to use the facilities. VMware is one such tool, which allows you to make several virtual accounts within the software. Small applications like Share it also helps you transfer data quickly over your wireless network.

These are some of the simple ways in which you can make sure you carry all your personal data with ease. In this age of the internet when everything is moving online, privacy must be on the top of your concerns. Always make sure not to click on unnecessary links or install bogus applications on your phone or computer. Many of these are malicious file system which may steal or damage your data. Also, make sure to encrypt your data all the time whenever it is possible.