Murder cases or rape cases don’t move us anymore as this is what we hear all day on news channels.

Criminals have increased their creativity level but its very rare when we come out of our numb mode until or unless it’s a really heinous act. “A boy strangled by his uncle and preserved his dead body in a suitcase for 35 days.” “A boy set his house on fire which led to the death of his parents.” “ 8 months girl raped by an old man.”  and many more. We all are aware of these cases. The question is, “ARE WE SAFE?”

Increasing crime rates record can answer this. The capital of India has maintained its record by topping the list of highest crime rates in India.  According to the data released by National crime records bureau delhi ranks first and accounts for 33.1% of cases relating to women. The capital accounts for the maximum number of rape cases at 40% and 29% of cases involving cruelty of husband and his family or dowry deaths. And most of them are still pending. Delhi Police is lagging behind the increasing crime rate.

A total of 18,127 cases, including those from previous years, are pending for investigation. However the Delhi police have submitted charge sheets in 7,963 cases. The city holds the second position with 61.4% after Chennai in terms of disposal of pending cases.In the 2,301 cases in which trials were completed, 679 persons were convicted and 1,622 persons were acquitted or discharged. The conviction rate was 29.5%. The city courts hold 21,666 cases, including previous cases, pending for trial.Cases of molestation of women also showed a dip from 781 to 722 in 2018, while cases of outraging the modesty of women dipped from 155 to 153.  There will be a time when we’ll be frightened to walk out of our home. If the crimes kept increasing with this rate then it would happen soon.