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Climate Change or Global Warming?

By: Postbull - Last Upadte November 16, 2018


Global warming is the term that is used for the average increase in the temperature of Earth's surface for the long term. It is mainly caused by human induced incidents like the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, agriculture, and so on. The 44th session of IPCC held in Bangkok has welcomed the idea of UNFCCC. The concept is basically to put a stop on the rapidly spuring temperature. To curb the temperature by 1.5-degree Celsius across the world by taking some major steps.

ISA (international solar alliance) is counted as the biggest step towards achieving that goal. India is leading ISA and the HQ of the same is based in Gurugram. However, the time can only tell it better as if the solar alliance is going to reduce the burning of fossil fuels or not? CO2, Methane, and Nitrous gases are the constituents of Global Warming. Hence, to stem the global warming, countries need to come together and put efforts on the issue religiously.

However, one can also say that Global Warming is just a natural phenomenon; but it can also not be denied that it is a worldwide issue. Thus, more required steps are needed like ISA. Along with India, the world also needs to take it more seriously. In short, if human kind is going to survive, then they must do something and everything regarding global warming. Instead of deforestation, people must act towards afforestation.

It is not a very sustainable option to clear the forest in the name of development. A sustainable approach is a necessary task for the humans. To reduce the burning of fuels, people should use electric cars; which is also the aim of ISA. According to the officials, india will decrease its depend on the fossil fuels by 50% till 2030. However, the same estimate should, or if, one may say must brought closer. The deadline must be taken seriously. People need to know the potential catastrophic effects that it holds. They need to be aware of such a thing and prepare for the same.

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