Pari wanted to scare us but left us on a comical end. No doubt, Anushka sharma has put great efforts in the film, but the script couldn’t hold the audience in the theatre after interval. The movie is rich in atmosphere as it is set in Kolkata during monsoon.

The movie starts with the accident of a lady on a rainy day from the Arnab’s (Parambrata chatterjee) car which leads to the discovery of the girl named Rukhsana (Anushka sharma). She was chained with shackles which shows that she had little contact with the outside world.  A mysterious professor (Rajat Kapoor) who had great interest in her arrives from Bangladesh.

In the beginning movie looked scary and after each scene the audience expected a twist but it remained constant. The director squandered away time to set-up and it doesn’t end till the riddle seems to get sorted. And when the story unfolds it appears to be silly. Scenes of the movie are stale which we have been watching since our childhood.

Few moves of the lady left audience in laughter as they seemed childish. It took only 15 mins to reveal the plot of the movie which was related to  ‘ifrit’   trying spread his bloodline. The movie has offered Anushka the role of an object and she has done justice to her role. It's  difficult to understand why she has put money on this movie.

The climax is cliche as Rukhsana falls in love with Arnab and dies in his arms. The movie isn’t predictable but ain’t a spine chiller too. In the end, the makers of Pari tried hard to spice up but the outcome was similar to old Indian horror cliche. According to the teasers it seemed to be “Bhoot ki movie” but it left us dazed. It is an perfect example of “Much ado about nothing.” A lizard in my room scares me more than this movie did. I’m going with 2 out of 5.