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11 Words to Define Emotions and Feelings you never knew had a Term

By: Postbull - Last Upadte August 9, 2018


Many time we fall short of words. Sometimes we want to express but can’t find suitable words. Here are 10 terms which will give life to your emotions. 


It is a particular situation in which everyone is speaking but no one is listening. So, next time when you want to define this particular scenario here’s the word.


It is used to defines the feeling of homesickness or missing someone.


It is used to define the hypothetical conversation we have in our head with fictional characters.


The feeling of not getting fit in and feeling out of place. When you feel that’s not where you belong.


A feeling of infatuation for someone who is beyond a crush. In this, it includes obsessive thoughts and fantasies to get into a relationship with them and get reciprocated with the same amount of love.


A pleasant smell which is due to the first rain after very warm or dry weather.


It is the degree of smell that remains in the air after spraying.


It is the desire when you want to live carefree not caring about the things around you anymore.


A silent or eerie place which was once full of rush. A place which is abandoned which was once bustling with people.


When you feel it is a waste of energy to talk about something because nobody seems to understand or relate to it.


The struggle to get out of the bed in the morning. Well, we all go through this.

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