How to Make Fast Cook Food?

How to make fast cook food?
As we all know no every person love to cook because for some person cooking is boring but for someone, it is a passion. In this blog, we are describing some tips that will help you to cook  everything faster.

Fast Cook

Some ingenious tips to cook faster -
1. Take one minute and decide what to cook
Before you start to cook anything, take one minute and decide what are you cooking and what ingredients are needed. If you are thinking to make multiple dishes then first pick out the that takes the longest to cook.

2. Heat the oven and set up appliances
Turn on the oven when you walk into the kitchen as it will take a few time to heat up. If you are using convection to heat the oven then it will also help you to cook faster. Once it is complete you can switch to regular bake.

3. Boil some water immediately
Get the pot of water for boiling onto the stove as soon as possible so you can prep easily when it is heating up. Also, don’t forget to put a lid on that pot as by doing this water will boil faster. If you have  electric kettle then use them for heating water.

4. Load a pan with ingredients from the fridge
Take a big bowl to your fridge and load it up so you can get all stuff with one trip.

5. Trim and clean produce efficiently
Next, trim your produce like cutting up the lettuce, taking tops off root vegetables and wash them appropriately using fresh water. For washing all items, you can use the colander.

6. Figure out your prepping order
If you are learning to cook then you should prep everything so that you can fully focus on cooking instead of anywhere.  For instance, onions take time to caramelize, so immediately chop your onions and get those cooking first before you chop other ingredients.

7. Grate frozen butter
To save your time, grate frozen butter so that it can come to room temperature immediately.

8. Cut food into small piecesAlways remember one thing i.e., smaller the pieces, quicker the cooking. According to experts, stir-frying is one of the best quick cooking technique because everything is cut down into small pieces.

9. Use a garbage bowl
If your compost bin is not located near to your prep area then you can use a garbage bowl to save your time. It will also help you to minimize the chance of food scraps that end up on the kitchen floor.

10. Use wide and shallow pan for cooking
Instead of using the saucepan, you can use wide, shallow pans for cooking as food will cook faster when
the pan directly touch the heating element.

fast cook food

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