Ethiopian Airline And Air India Plane Were Collided With Each Others Wings, 190 People Were Saved.

 A drastically big accident about to happen at Indira Gandhi International Airport(IGI) on Tuesday. Two of the planes named as Ethiopian Airlines and Air India’s plane collided. Each feather of both planes has collided. There was no harm of the passengers or any property. DCGA gave an order for its inquiry.   

This is the second time within two months when there is such type of an incident on Delhi Airport. Before this incident, In May there was another big accident was settled. That accident was of Jet Airways plane and another plane. Both of their wings also collided like this incident. 3 Big accidents were settled down in April…

There is a reveal of face to face encounter of two planes and collision with a bird are left accidents.
There is also Hydraulic failures in the plan in April 2017.On 24th April, Air India flight Ai-401 has collided with a bird. There were 254 passengers on the flight and the pilot had taken safe landing.

On 19th April, Air India flight AI-101 Flight was slipped because of hydraulic failure.

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